30 Minute High-Intensity, Adrenaline Rush

Here is yet another brief high-intensity, pure adrenaline rush of a workout that can be performed in minimal time…even on your lunch hour… Warm up: 10-15 minutes of low-moderate intensity cardio

Subscribers to my free newsletter can view photos of all exercises.¬† Click Here to subscribe for free and claim a free copy of my ebook “5 Factors To Master Fat Loss” ¬†Workout Dumbells to chest squat x 10 (dont be afraid to go heavy on this even if it means you have to rest a few seconds to get those last 2 or 3 reps just push to get it)…

Hold the dumbbells to your chest as you perform this Push-up position alternate arm row x 10 each arm ( get in the traditional push up position keeping your hips up toward the sky and back straight…pull one arm off the floor as if pulling your elbow back behind you and your hand through your chest…feel the shoulder blades pulling toward your spine as you move…alternate between right and left arms without allowing your hips to move or shift or drop..keep em square to the floor…you should feel your stomach shake and bake on this as well)

Cone shuttle drill (place 2 cones 15 steps apart and in a straight line…begin at one cone with one hand on the cone…when you are ready to begin start your timer and sprint back and forth to each cone…when you sprint to a cone you need to touch it with your hand…go as fast as you can and dont stop…each time you touch a cone is counted as 1…stop the timer when you complete 15 touches…record your time on paper… So, the circuit goes from the squat, to the push-up row, to the shuttle drill…repeat the circuit until one of the following occurs:

1) you complete the shuttle drill 2 or more seconds slower than your best time (that means that your time will increase to complete)

2) you complete 5 total circuits