How to Get Rock Hard Abs

If there was an award for movies that feature the best rock hard abs, it would certainly go to the movie “300”.

The screen is filled with the best-looking abs at almost every scene.  After watching that movie, the question many people probably asked was how to get rock hard abs like those of the mighty Spartans.

The movie is about how 300 Spartan soldiers, led by King Leonidas, battled thousands of Persian soldiers at the pass of Thermopylae to prevent the Persians from descending into Greece.

Gerard Butler, who played Leonidas, and all his soldiers had the best abs ever featured in a movie. I’m willing to bet that you, like me, wondered how to get rock hard abs just like theirs.

But since we are talking about movies, I think you wouldn’t be surprised to know that the secret behind those amazing always-flexed abdominal muscles was an animator. Gerard Butler’s abs didn’t look like that in the other photos of him I’ve seen. Same goes for the other actors.

There are only two sure things on how to get rock hard abs: diet and exercise. Work those abdominal muscles correctly and eat the right kinds of food at the right time and soon you will get the abdominal muscles you’ve been dreaming of.

We turn to professionals for an ab-workout program. The abs are part of the core muscles which support the trunk, back and neck. All of those muscles should be developed and worked.

Core Workout

• Sit-Ups – There is still an on-going debate as to whether you should do either full sit-ups or crunches. There are many trainers who believe in the importance of sit-ups but there are those who maintain that crunches are better.

Whatever you believe in, however, doesn’t matter. Most body building champions went through various types of sit-ups: incline, flat bench, compound and decline. They also went through thousands of crunches to get further ab definition. Here are some of the exercises required on how to get rock hard abs.

• Decline Board Sit-Ups – 50 repetitions for three sets with the last made up of compound sit-ups.
• Crunches – 50 repetitions for three sets on a decline board, with the last set also made up of compound crunches.
• Leg-Raises – These are more effective for lower ab muscles.
• Decline Board Leg Raises – 50 repetitions for three sets keeping legs straight for the first two sets and the third set with the knees alternately brought up to the chest.
• Chinning Bar Leg Raises – Hanging from the chinning-bar for 20 repetitions for three sets.
• Side-Bends with Dumbbells – Torso is twisted while raising the dumbbell. Perform 100 reps for each side for three sets and another three sets with the dumbbells behind the legs.
• Roman Chair Reverse Sit-Ups – Torso is twisted while raising dumbbells at 25 reps for three sets with the third set being compound.

Bodybuilder’s Pre-Contest Diet

Vince Gironda, one of the best all-time trainers, once said that “bodybuilding is 80% diet.” Diet is an important factor on how to get rock hard abs. His especially made diet, which is done for a short duration only, is like this:

Days 1 through 4 – Eat protein-rich foods like meat, fish, poultry and eggs while consuming as little carbohydrates as possible.

Day 5 – Protein should be the source of 25% of the calories and carbs to be 40% with the remaining from fibers and fats.

Supplements: Take protein powder along with wheat germ oil, raw meat, lipotropic amino acids (betane, choline, inositol), kelp tablets and desiccated liver.