How to Slim Down in Two Weeks?

Are you going on vacation or to the beach in two weeks? Or maybe you have a special occasion soon and want to look gorgeous and slim? No matter the reasons, you can look slimmer in just 14 days! How to slim down in two weeks? Read more and discover!

1. Reduce your calorie intake

Eat not more than 1500 calories per day. Reducing your calorie intake is the most important tip on how to slim down. You can feel full on fewer calories. According to Mayo Clinic: “When you’re striving for weight loss, the goal is to eat low-energy-dense foods. That is, you want to eat a greater volume of food that’s lower in calories. This helps you feel fuller on fewer calories.” However, avoid starvation diets!

2. Make sure to get enough calcium

Eat foods rich in calcium, such as low-fat dairy products, salmon, broccoli or spinach. According to UK’s newspaper Daily Mail: “Growing scientific evidence indicates that a diet rich in calcium allows us to burn more calories per day and results in up to half the amount of fat being stored versus diets low in calcium. Calcium binds with bile acids and increases the amount of fat we excrete through the bowel – so instead of storing it we lose it.”

3. Reduce your intake of carbs – think protein

Eat less carbs! Avoid such foods as rice, pasta, sugary foods, and desserts. According to Daily Mail: “Avoid the starchy carbs allowed in the diet after 6pm unless you exercise in the evening.” Eat more proteins, like chicken or turkey, fish, different types of beans and lentils. Don’t use butter or salt. Avoid bad fats, processed and junk foods. No cakes or pies during these two weeks – remember the reason why you need to lose weight to keep yourself motivated.

4. Be physically active

You should be physically active during these two weeks! Get about 30-60 minutes of physical activity daily. Exercise early in the morning before work, as then your body will burn more fat during the day! You might want to try bicycling, swimming, jogging or running. Take daily walks for 30 minutes.

5. Drink water!

Water helps to lose weight, so you should drink a lot of water throughout the day. According to Daily Mail, you should drink water every 2-3 hours to burn fat: “every chemical reaction in the body from extracting nutrients from food to encouraging fat burning needs water to get a result.”

6. Eat a lot of vegetables and raw fruits

How to slim down by eating healthier? Eating a lot of fruits and especially vegetables is the most important tip on how to slim down. Eat them during these 14 days and lose weight. In addition to weight loss, you will feel your skin healthier, firmer, smoother and younger. Eat fruits and vegetables every day, especially: spinach, broccoli, leafy green veggies, carrots, citrus fruits, tomatoes. Moreover, you can eat a lot of berries! They are low-fat, low-calorie and amazingly beneficial to your weight loss and health in general.

Best daily diet tips

So, what should you eat to slim down in two weeks? Check out these best daily diet tips and create your plan:

Fresh fruits and berries, fresh fruit juices; low-fat yogurt, whole grain cereals

Snacks after breakfast, before lunch:

A bowl of beans or bean salad, raw vegetables with feta cheese, olives, chicken breast, tomatoes, or small pack of nuts.

Ideally, you should eat soup and salad for lunch, for example: chicken soup and lettuce salad. Moreover you can eat fish with salad or lean beef with salad.

Eat raw fruits or vegetables; small pack of nuts or olives with feta cheese

Turkey or chicken breast with vegetables; fish with vegetables.

In addition, you can prepare and drink fresh juices. Daily Mail recommends you get the blender, place few ice cubes. Then add a teacup of cold water and add your fruits of choice, chopped into small pieces. Blend everything to get a smooth mixture! You might want to add spices or herbs. Try these fruit combinations:

Apple and berries with fresh orange juice

Grapefruit, passion fruit and pineapple

Watermelon, strawberry and banana