The Mio Advanced Calorie Counting Watch For Tracking Your Calorie Budget

Most people who are attempting to lose weight are aware that in order to make a net weight loss, ones calories consumed needs to be less than calories burned both through daily activities as well as exercise. While it would be nice if there was a neon sign that told us exactly how many calories were in every piece of food that we put in our mouths and how many calories we just lost in that 30 minute run. Instead we must track our calories using other means. Calorie counting watches are special kinds of sports watches that (among other things) are specifically designed to measure the calories you burn during a workout.

One popular type of sports watch designed to track calories is a pedometer watch. Pedometers track the total number of steps you have taken during a day. Using personal information about you, the device then calculates how many calories it thinks you have burned. In fact pedometers are not particularly accurate as step count is an imperfect measurement of exercise intensity. The best results can be obtained with a watch that calculates calories based on measuring your heart rate.

The Mio watch company produce some of the best, specialist calorie counting watches on the market. For all intents and purposes, the watch looks like an ordinary sports watch, but differes in that it features a special calorie management program a patented Mio design. It allows you to enter your consumption of food during the day and your exercise rate. You enter a calorie target for a day and the watch will conveniently notify you if you are near to your target, or off target.

The Mio watches use your heart rate to calculate calories, making them as accurate as calorie counting can be. Mio watches also offer the added advantage of being strapless, which means there is no need to put on a bulky heart rate monitor chest strrap. There are simply two prongs on the watch face, your heart rate it measured on demand by placing two fingers onto the face of the watch. On the plus side you can measure your heart rate at your own convenience. On the down side the Mio watch you cannot review the extent of heart rate information that you get from a continous heart rate monitoring watch, but if you want a simple and convenient calorie tracker, you may in fact find this to be overkill. The Mios watches, are ECG accurate which is as accurate a reading as you would get from a doctor!

Probably the most convenient and certainly the cheapest places to purchase a calorie counting watch is online. Sites like the Amazon site offer their products at significantly cheaper prices than traditional revenues and sports watches are not heavy so do not incur a hefty shipping charge. Amazon has a powerful search engine which allows you to bring up and compare a variety of products. Expect to pay around $60 for a Mio calorie watch.